Thursday, August 8, 2013

64-Point Acupressure Foot Reflexology Treatment

By Kristin V.

The 64-point acupressure foot reflexology treatment is a wonderful way to stimulate the meridians that flow through the lower legs and get energy moving, and because both yin and yang meridians are addressed many issues can be treated especially with other treatments mixed together. 

This treatment begins with a foot massage with some massage oil to get energy flowing.  After the foot is warmed the Yin Meridians are stimulated first:
Kidney (KI) points 1-9
Spleen (SP) points 1-9
Liver (LV) points 1-6

The Yang Meridians are used next:
Stomach (ST) points 36-45
Gall Bladder (GB) points 34-44
Bladder (BL) points 57-67

Stimulate each point 8 times, and sweep in the direction of the meridian after each one to even out and distribute the Qi.

After smoothing the Qi, eight Ba Feng Points are stimulated by squeezing the top and bottom between each toe close to the webbing and jamming down into the foot.  Finally, end each leg by shaking the foot lightly in between your hands. When one leg is done, move on to the next leg.   

In doing this treatment, feel for bounce back on each point.  If there is no feeling or the point feels hollow, then there is some deficiency going on.  If there is tension or a feeling of being stuck, then the point has stagnant energy.  If there appears to be nice tone, then the energy is balanced. 

How it is used
            When doing this treatment, many issues can be addressed.  The Yin Meridians stimulates energy to the pelvic area and can be good for bladder issues, prostate issues, menstrual issues, infertility, damp heat or yeast infections, jock itch or other fungal infections, and urinary tract infections.  The Yang Meridians draws energy down from the upper body and can be good for headaches, migraines, general stress, and digestion issues.  Ba Feng Points are not part of a specific meridian channel, but they are good for flushing out pathogens for infections. 
            Some complimentary treatments to go with this pattern could include moxa bowls on the abdomen for either digestion issues or for addressing reproductive organs, kidneys, and/or bladder.  Using cupping on the BL Shu points on the back after the treatment could help bring out stagnation.  Using essential oils can be a wonderful addition to the treatment, too.  For example, using cypress essential oil on ST 40 can help the client if some sort of change is going on in their lives.  If the client is experiencing issues that relate to one of the Five Elements, then using a couple drops of specific essential oils to a small handful of carrier oil can be beneficial: Water Element – ginger and cypress, Wood Element – peppermint, Fire Element – geranium, Earth Element – vetiver, and Metal Element – eucalyptus. 

            This treatment is contraindicated for pregnancy and for children.  Be cautious with people dealing with heart circulation problems.  Be aware of cuts and bruises and work around them. 

My Experience
            I have been using this treatment for general relaxation and well-being purposes so far, but I can see how this treatment can be very important for a lot of different issues and infections going on in the body.  When I get this treatment done on myself, I feel extremely relaxed and any stress I feel disappears.  I like finding the meridians that are the most tender during my session and try to understand through the Five Elements why it is that way.  For example, my SP meridian was very tender the other day, but it could be related to “that time of the month” so I will have to see what that meridian feels like in a week.  This is definitely going to be a treatment I will use in my own practice. 


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