Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Massage for Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic condition that mainly effects the lungs - where thick viscous fluid accumulates there and the body doesn't distribute vital salt efficiently for functions. It effects the liver, pancreas, and intestine by association. Cystic fibrosis is considered a chronic illness and is dificult to manage, but if management gets out of hand it can compromise quality of life in a person. The thick viscous secretions block the airways making breathing dificult and can cause serious lung infections. Cystic Fibrosis is not curable but there are ways to make it more tolerable and a massage therapist can perform massage techniques for the purpose of loosening mucus, expanding airways, decreasing inflammation and fighting lung infections

SO ... here is the protocol that I found from massagetherapy.com:
1.)  Position:  Lying Down:
Postural drainage on the back inside the scapulas will look a lot like Tapotment.  Postural drainage using percussion is used along with gravity and will help pull the mucous from the chest to the throat.  Percussion is applied to the client torso with their head is lowed by the use of pillows.  They could also have their head lower than their chest by hanging partly off the table or bed.  This allows gravity to do some of the work. To drain the middle and lower portions of the lungs, the chest should be above the head.  To drain the upper portion of the lungs, the client should be sitting up at a 45 degree angle.
2.)  Position:  Sitting:
Stand behind the client and make sure they are comfortable.
Example 1)  Use percussion and vibration over the muscle area between the collar bone and the very top of the shoulder blades (shaded areas of the diagram) on both sides for 3 to 5 minutes.  Have clients take a deep breath and cough during percussion to clear airwaves.

Example 2)  In this position, the client leans over on a bed or in a chair with arms dangling over a pillow.  Percussion and vibrated with both hands on the upper back are used on the right and left side.
Example 3):  In this position, percussion and vibrate over the bottom part of the shoulder blades on both the right and left side of the spine.
2.)  Do not do postural drainage and percussion on bare skin.

** Also, it was stressed as very important to do all of the postures corectly and reccommended to practice on a friend first to make sure it is in your mind beofer practicing on a real person with this condition.


SO as I was looking for a protocol for this disorder I found this great site!!!

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