Sunday, August 25, 2013


Tinctures... are medicinal potent herbs and it is important to treat it as medicine.
Tinctures are a good holistic choice because the alcohol extracts the essential compounds in plant matter/herbs/etc. AND it helps to keep it fresh and useable for a long period of time in a stable, volatile condition! It's absorbed into the blood so rapidly... most people know how fast alcohol is absorbed into our system... 
Before even starting a tincture it is vital to understand fully the herbs that are being used and that combining certain herbs together can cause different effects as they interact with eachother.
Also, Know what your herbs are going to do-any contraindications etc for the client or yourself depending on what the direction the tincture will be taking once finished.

What you need....
-A mason jar with a lid or closed glass container with lid
-Enough herbs to fill a pint jar all the way.
-cheesecloth for straining.
-vodka or saki 100 proof. (works best) as they are the purest.

1. So fill your jar 1/2 way with herbs *USE ONE HERB AT A TIME TO ELIMINATE UNDESIRED REACTIONS.

2. Pour vodka over herbs to where the lidwring starts and stir it around in there really well cover the herbs completely so as not to induce molding and top it off with vodka.

3. LABEL that puppy! Botanical name ... 100 proof ... date... and try to move it everyday and top it off with vodka as needed. (the herbs will soak up a lot of the liquid... ) Keep this in an area OUT of the direct sun. Cool dark place is best.

4. Leave for six weeks or more.


Once your herb has sat the desired time and you are ready to use your tincture get a strainer and use your cheesecloth over it with a bowl under it all. Pour everything into the bowl and cover with the cheesecloth *make certain that all the herbs are included. Squeeze the cloth to get all the juice out, or for those who are advanced the video says we can invest in a tincture press which can be spendy but for the tincture connoisseur it is well worth it.

For the size of the jar used, you should have an 8oz finished tincture 1/2 of the jar. You can store it in dropper bottles for easy use and don't forget.... LABEL they usually are hard to tell apart once you get them all done.

NOW YOU KNOW... so go make some tinctures and get healthy!

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