Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Lemon Experience

Info & Link provided by S. Phillips

The Lemon Experience by Ron Eslinger

If you don’t mind, let your eyes gently close as you take in a nice abdominal breath.
Imagine or pretend that you’re at home in your kitchen.
Look around the room and pay attention to the sounds, the sights and the light.
Listen for the hummm of the refrigerator…

Walk over to the refrigerator and as you do, pay attention to your footsteps as you walk across the floor …you may or you may not hear your steps on the floor.
Open the door to the refrigerator…feel the cool air as it spills out onto your body.
Hear that hiss as the vacuum releases as you open the door… now today whether you normally have one or not, today there is a lemon in your refrigerator…
Look at the lemon… pay attention to its color as you reach in and take the lemon.
Notice the texture, the temperature, the size and the shape.  Now take the lemon over to a place where you would normally cut up fruits or vegetables…

Take out your favorite knife… now slice the lemon… you may slice it lengthwise from end to end or down the center.  If you sliced from end to end then make a second slice creating a wedge. If you sliced it down the center make another slice creating a ring and then cut the ring in half…
 You may have noticed the juice as it oozes out on the cutting area … reach down and take either the wedge or the slice and bring it up and smell the fragrance…you may be aware of memories being created…

Now open your mouth and take a big bite into that lemon slice.  Feel and taste the juices as it squirts on your teeth and on your tongue… experience the increased salivation and notice the tart and tangy feeling at the corners of your jaw.  Now swallow the lemon juice.

 Open your eyes.  What did you notice? What did you experience?  What senses were stimulated?
Increased salivation was a biochemical/physiological response from a thought and every thought that you have creates some type of biochemical physiological responses in some part of your body.            What the mind possesses, the body expresses.

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