Monday, September 9, 2013

Transforming Anxiety & Worry

Wouldn't it be amazing to transform the emotions of anxiety and worry into motivation? 
They both consume an incredible amount of energy without actually doing anything, which makes them inefficient, and their vibration is sticky and distorts our thoughts.  It's just energy though, and it will take on the tone or form that we give it.

1. The first step to transforming them is awareness
2. The second step is acknowledging them,
3. then the third step is acting in a different way.
For example, start to feel anxiety - worry.  It's ok, these are emotions of long standing thought habits.  You aren't fighting them, you're looking at them, seeing what you can actually use them for.
Look at them and say "Wow, I'm feeling anxiety - worry. Where in my body do I feel these? What color are they? Are they moving fast or slow? Are they hot or cold?"
Then, stand up and start moving with your breath like QiGong:
  • Start with your hands at your navel.
  • Inhale, and moving with your breath, guide your hands (in your energy field, a couple inches away from your body) up to your heart center.
  • Exhale, lowering your hands back down to your navel.
  • While you're doing this, say "Ok, body - we need to transform this energy into motivation. You know what to do, so go ahead and start doing it!"  
  • Just breathe and move together for a bit - preferably at least 24 times.
The possibilities that come out of this can be incredible. You might start to write that book, or cook a delicious meal, or organize something...... whatever it is, it will put your precious time to good use instead of wasting it away on negative emotions.

It might take time to get this working for you, but you have to start somewhere and then just commit to practicing it over and over again so it becomes a little easier each time.  One of the biggest benefits of doing this is that it will change your perception/experience of lack of time to do the things you say you want to do.