Friday, January 27, 2012

Plant Spirit Communication Experience

My intention here is to provide details of a personal experience in the hopes that others interested in the topic of Plant Spirit Communication will embrace this ancient method of Knowing and find confidence in their own experiences.

It was nighttime and my throat felt oddly hot and swollen.  I looked in the mirror and discovered I had a hot red rash starting on my throat and moving down onto my upper chest.  Spots on my throat had rasied welts, but it didn't look like hives.  Hmmm.....

My mind went back to a recent energy healing session I had done with a client.  During this session there was an intense energetic exchange, and I remembered they also mentioned having a skin condition.  Did I pick this up and physically manifest it in myself through their energy?  How interesting to be in a situation that was now going to force me to quickly learn how to clear this in myself.

I immediately put several drops of essential oil in a little bit of carrier oil and dabbed it onto the area.  The carrier oil felt a little heavy on my skin, but it was the fastest thing I had immediately available.

The next morning I woke up and it was worse.  I could visibly see the lines of my Stomach meridian outlined in the rash which now had traveled from my throat and upper chest down across my abdomen all the way to my upper legs.  The most concerning area was still at and just below my throat.  This is a Wind-Heat rash.

Start Self-Treatment:
1. Make a topical spritzer:  Witch Hazel, Herbal Hydrosol, 2 essential oils.  Very soothing - immediately lessened the heat (redness) and itching.

2. Drink a tea of Chinese herbs that release the exterior (open the pores) to assist the rash in venting.  I drank this every few hours throughout the day.

3. Diffuse essential oils in the air.  Because the rash was over my lung area, I wanted to breathe in essential oils deeply to assist on the inside, and to support my immune system.

Ask Plant Spirits for Help:
That night I was doing QiGong - a long, slow form called Hun Yuan Qigong.  I was in a deeply quiet and meditative state, feeling wonderful energy flowing througout my body.  In this state, I asked in my mind "Any Plant Spirits out there want to help me out?"

Almost immediately I saw (in my mind) a leaf appear from my left.  As I looked at it, my first thought was "Clover", and I 'heard' "Yes! Yes!"  Then the scene changed and I kept seeing green plants that had red in the middle.  The red color seemed to be important and I finally understood - "Oh, Red Clover?" and I 'heard' "Yes! Yes!"  Now I saw visions of beautiful patches of red clover surrounding a fallen tree.  As I admired this, the dirt around the base of the tree kept being shown to me.  Why is the dirt important?  It's dry, sandy, dusty.  And I understood it meant Clay.  (Yes!)  I have Sonne's #7 Liquid Clay - I need to drink it.  (Yes!)  After this understanding, it was as if the Red Clover and I energetically danced together.

I had never used Red Clover before so needed to research it before moving forward.  I found 2 books on Native American herbs that both stated it is used for skin rashes.  In European American herb use, it is used to cleanse the blood and has an affinity to the neck.  In Chinese herbology it is used to clear toxic heat from the blood.  All of this confirms the herb sounds like an excellent choice.  In addition, because the rash was along my stomach meridian, drinking the liquid clay would help to clear internal toxins from my digestive tract.

I immediately drank a large glass of water with clay and continued to spray my essential oil/hydrosol spritzer.  The next day I purchased Red Clover from our local supplement store and took a dose.  Taking it, I almost immediately felt cold energy moving in my Stomach and Spleen meridians in the lower legs.  It was thin, cold, and moved all the way up to my neck.  Within hours the rash was 75% improved.  Thank you my beautiful Plant Spirit friends!

Red Clover is now one of my honored friends and I will help her fulfill her destiny by using her to help many others.  I know that even though the rash was physical to me, it was more so my teacher.  For this I greatly appreciate it, and thank it for what I learned.

Learn exact methods of Plant Spirit Communication in my On-Line Essential Oils Course series. The first lesson goes over this topic in depth.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

meet your meat

Most of us don’t think much about the foods we put into our bodies or how they affect us and the environment. Not only that, we also rarely think about where our food comes from and how it got to be in that nice white shrink wrapped tray we see sitting on the grocery shelf.
Today, with increasing evidence of diet’s crucial effect on health and longevity, more people are investigating this question: is the human body better suited to a plant based diet or one that includes animal protein? Two areas should be considered in this search: the anatomical structure of the human and the physical effects of meat consumption.
Eating begins with the hands and mouth. Human teeth (like herbivores), are designed for grinding and chewing vegetable matter. We don’t have the sharp front teeth for tearing flesh that carnivores have. Carnivores generally swallow their food whole, not requiring molars or a jaw that can move sideways. The human hand does not have sharp claws, but has opposable thumbs, which is better suited for harvesting fruit and vegetables, than to killing dinner with our bare hands.
  • · Meat eaters have claws, herbivores and humans do not have claws
  • · Meat eaters have no skin pores and perspire thru the tongue, herbivores and humans perspire thru skin pores
  • · Meat eaters have sharp front teeth for tearing, with no flat molar teeth for grinding, herbivores and humans do not have sharp front teeth, but flat rear molars for grinding.
  • · Meat eaters have strong hydrochloric acid in stomach to digest meat, herbivores and humans have stomach acid 20 times weaker than carnivores
  • · Meat eater have salivary glands in the mouth that are not needed to pre-digest grains and fruits, herbivores and humans have well-developed salivary glands necessary to pre-digest grains and fruits.
  • · Meat eaters have acidic saliva with no enzyme ptyalin to pre-digest grains and fruits, while herbivores and humans do.
Another important difference is the comparison of digestive tracts. A piece of meat is just part of a corpse, and its putrefaction creates poisonous wastes in the body. Therefore meat must be quickly eliminated. For this, carnivores possess digestive canals only three times the length of their bodies. Since man, like other vegetarian animals, has a digestive canal twelve times his body length, the rapidly decaying flesh is retained for a much longer time, producing a number of undesirable toxic effects.
Our kidneys are greatly affected by these toxins, as the kidneys extract waste from the blood. Even moderate meat eaters demand three times more work from their kidneys, than vegetarians do. As a person ages, meat eaters are more like to acquire kidney disease or failure than vegetarians.
During WWI, the Danish government, dreading the possibility of severe food shortage, stopped feeding the nation’s grain to livestock in order to produce consumption meat, and instead fed the grain directly to the people. The result was a 34% decreased death rate by illness. After 1 year of eating meat again, the death rate was back to the pre-war level.
In 1958, Japan (which has a larger plant based diet than the US) had 18 deaths related to prostrate cancer, while the USA had 14,000 deaths. Men in the early stages of prostate cancer, who switched to a vegan diet, either stopped the progress of the cancer or even reversed the illness.
Another study in 2002, looked at the influence of a very low-fat vegan diet on subjects with rheumatoid arthritis. After only 4 weeks on the diet, almost all measures of RA symptoms decreased significantly. A vegan diet affects the immune processes that influence arthritis. The omega 3 fatty acids in veggies are a key factor, along with the near absence of saturated fat. (for more info check nutritional strategies for inflamed joints and other conditions by Michael Klaper, MD)
Scientific research has established the superiority of a vegetarian diet from the point of view of nutrition, the ecological system, better health and less vulnerability to deadly diseases like cancer, heart attack, and diabetes. A high intake of animal protein causes an excessive excretion of calcium, thereby causing loss of calcium from bones, which in turn increases the risk of developing osteoporosis, kidney and gall bladder stones. Excess protein from a meat diet has been linked to a ten time increase in cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, kidney disease, stokes, and diabetes. Dietary cholesterol is only found in animal proteins, and stays in our bloodstream creating “plague” in our blood vessels and is a major cause of heart disease. Lipitor, a medication for high cholesterol, is the most prescribed drug in the world.
The human body is unable to deal with excessive animal fats, indicating the unnaturalness of meat eating. However; carnivores can metabolize almost unlimited amounts of cholesterol and fat, without adverse effect. A high-fat, low fiber diet, has been linked to an increase in colon and rectal cancer. The result of this diet, is a slow transit time through the colon, allowing toxins to do their damage. A vegetarian diet, provides the ample fiber from vegetables, fruits and grains, and is naturally low in fat. The National Geographic reported that three longest lived tribes (the Villcabamba of Ecuador, the Hunzas of Tibet and the Azerbaijaines of the Caucuse) in the world, were Centenarian Vegetarians.
Meat contains accumulations of pesticides and other toxic chemicals up to 14 x more concentrated then those found in plant food. Large amounts of antibiotics are being fed to livestock to control bacterial diseases, which are becoming immune to these drugs at an alarming rate. Of all antibiotics used in USA, 55% are fed to livestock, and in turn are passed on to people who eat their flesh. The resistant disease is not just in the animals receiving the antibiotics, but in humans as well. Welcome, MRSA (methicillin resistant staphylococus aureus
“If people ate grains directly instead of cycling them thru livestock, the benefits to the ecosystem would be staggering. There is not a single aspect of the ecological crisis that would not be immediately and profoundly improved by such a transformation”. JOHN ROBBINS author of The Food Revolution. Let’s hear some facts about the environmental ramifications of an animal based diet.
  • · For every acre of forest land consumed by urban development, 7 acres are devoured by the meat industry, for grazing and growing cattle food.
  • · Rain forests are being destroyed at a rate of 125,000 square miles per year to create space to raise animals for food
  • · Each individual who switches to a vegan diet spares an acre of trees per year.
  • · 25 gallons of water are needed to produce 1 pound of wheat, where as 2,500 gallons of water are needed to produce 1 pound of beef.
  • · By switching from a meat-based diet to a vegetarian diet, a person would conserve 1,423,500 gallons of water.
  • · 1 acre of prime land can produce 40,000# of potatoes, 30,000# of carrots, 50,000# of tomatoes and only 250 pounds of beef.
  • · At least 85% of US topsoil loss is directly associated with livestock raising.
  • · More than 50% of water pollution can be linked to wastes from the livestock industry.
  • · If the US switched to a vegetarian diet, 60% of US imported oil requirements would be cut.
  • · A family of 4 that cuts back on meat consumption by 2 # per week saves the equivalent of 104 gallons of gasoline in one year.
  • · The livestock in USA produce 20 times as much excretion as does the human population
  • · 55 square feet of rainforest is needed to produce 1 quarter-pound hamburger which releases 500# of CO2 in the atmosphere
  • · Scientists estimate that the world’s 1.3 billion cattle and other ruminant livestock emit approximately 60 million tons of methane (a relatively potent greenhouse gas that affects degradation of the ozone layer) each year.
  • · About 40% of the world’s grain harvest is fed to food animals. Half of this grain would be more than enough to feed all hungry people on this planet.
  • · If Americans cut their meat consumption by 10%, it would free enough grain to feed every one on the planet who is presently starving to death.
  • · In the USA, grazing has contributed to the near demise of 26% of the federal threatened and endangered species list, including the desert tortoise, pronghorn antelope, sage grouse, black tailed prairie dog, black footed ferret, and bighorn sheep. (
  • · Approximately, for each hamburger made from rain forest beef ( Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras are in the top 10), approximately 20-30 different plant species, 100 different insect species, dozens of bird, mammal and reptile species are destroyed. (Campbell’s soup uses rainforest beef, burger king backed down on it use after a 2004 boycott, the rainforest is the largest supplier of rawhide chews for dogs.)
Think of your dogs(or cats, or horses, or “pocket pets”) and their love for you, the faithfulness towards you. Imagine the way they look at you with trust and faith, imagine the happiness when they see you, running to greet you when you come home. Can you imagine killing them and eating their flesh? I have avoided mentioning animal rights until the end, I wanted to lead with the less controversial issues of health and environmental impact. Personally, the animals themselves should be reason enough to eat a plant based diet, but health and environmental impact, also prove this point. Animals suffer when maintained for milk, eggs, cheese and definitely when slaughtered. Their wellbeing is my biggest passion and I will advocate for them as long as I live.
Factory farmed meat and animal product animals never see the light of day, they’re confined to pens that do not allow them to move or turn around. They live in their own waste, forced to constantly breathe in ammonia and other waste products. They are pumped full of antibiotics because of their polluted living conditions. They are fed foods that they are not designed to digest, because it is cheaper and more efficient. They’re pumped full of hormones to make them grow bigger and produce more. They are frequently mutilated without the use of painkillers. Finally, they are often slaughtered while they are fully conscious. So, they basically live a life of hell.
As students and advocates of the healing arts, do we really want to ingest that pain, that poison, that those innocent animals felt? How does that resonate with healing vibrations? It doesn’t. I believe that one cannot heal, while perpetuating the suffering of another being. I do not desire to cause suffering or to be involved in the slaughter of innocent creatures. It is my hope that one day mankind will look back in horror at the carnivorous, murderous habits of its predecessors. The eating of animals will seem as barbaric and disgusting to future man as the eating of human meat now seems to the average American.
He is closest to god who harms no living creature. BHAGAVAD GITA
Sources and information: T. Colin Campbell foundation(,, physicians committee for responsible medicine (, (available to view instantly on net flix).

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Water and A Prayer

H'oponopono (pronounced Ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian healing system about healing oneself... and the world. The translation of Ho'oponopono means "to make right", essentially to make things right with oneself. Dr Hew Len, a teacher of this healing system, points out that we need to always remember the old saying, "Peace begins with me". If there is to be peace on earth, it needs to begin individually with each one of us.
For Christmas break, our teacher gave us the ‘gift’ of applying Ho’oponopono on a daily basis and we were to record the miracles that followed. What a gift it was! I had one of those epiphanies that keep you up at night due to the amount of energy that is produced by such a realization. This is the story of my Ho’oponopono gift.
Ho’oponopono is ultimately a very easy process. You begin by becoming present (sitting, standing, wherever you may find yourself) and you say to your Higher Self “I’m sorry.” Now, it’s not just saying these words, but also feeling the emotions that go along with these words. Then you say (and feel), “I forgive you.” Next, “I love you” and then, “Thank you”. Now the important part is to realize that these four sentences are not just words. When you speak them, you are evoking the spirit of love to heal from within you, that which is creating the outer circumstances.
I noticed on the first day of doing this, at the end of the ‘session’, I definitely felt happy. Sitting around telling myself that I’m sorry for any past pains, forgiving that within me that was misunderstood, reminding myself how much I love me and thanking my Self for the opportunity to heal, was quite wonderful. But I still felt like I was missing something important. At this point, I am going to transgress for a moment. I need to fill you with a brief tour of my mind for the impact of my Ho’oponopono realization to make sense. I feel as if my whole world shifted at the end of September. Some form of ‘awakening’, I guess. Between an astounding amount of new information regarding politics, 2012, and the prospect of a consciousness evolution, I barely feel like who I was only 3 short months ago. It’s important to know that for 3 months now I’ve been consistently in a conflicted state between the possibilities of doom and gloom or a spiritual awakening and higher shift of consciousness for the world. Quite the roller coaster…
So three days into my daily Ho’oponopono practice, my husband and I watch an outstanding documentary called: Water, The Great Mystery. (This will all tie together, I promise.) To summarize this fascinating information will not do it justice, but here is a taste of the wonderful knowledge. Dr. Masaru Emoto has taken photographs of cryogenically frozen water molecules. His research shows that words, along with other things such as music, thoughts, microwaves, computers, ect, actually change the structure of water molecule. Words, spoken or taped onto a glass of water, such as ‘love’ or ‘thank you’ created harmonic hexagonal crystals. Bottles of water that were labeled with hurtful or belittling words couldn’t even form a water crystal. Water actually reacts to what it ‘experiences’ and stores the information, creating a form of memory. More research included pouring water into two separate glasses. One glass was placed in front of a television showing a violent movie with the sound turned off and the second glass of water was placed on the other side of the room where the television couldn’t been seen. Both waters instantly took on the exact same structure of chaos at the molecular level, even though only one water glass was exposed to the television. The importance of this knowledge is that water molecules can ‘share’ experiences with one another, creating new formations and memories. Now keep in mind, this is just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended) regarding this fascinating subject… but let’s take this a step further. What are humans mostly made up of? Water!

Approximately 70% of our body is water. And to take it one more step further, 75% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. Also, the earth is a closed system, meaning that it rarely loses or gains extra matter. The same amount of water that existed on earth millions of years ago is still present today, no water added, no water lost.
Hmmm, those statistics along with Mr. Emoto’s water research can get a person’s brain thinking…
And this, my friends, is where the Ho’oponopono project and the water segue flow into one another. After watching the wondrous documentary, I hopped online to find out more good stuff and came across a Facebook page for an event: Water Ceremony with Dr. Emoto on Januray 11, 2012. Location: from wherever you are. On this FB event, it showed the prayer to be spoken for the ceremony: a Ho’oponopono prayer! “Water~ I’m sorry. I forgive you. I love you. Thank you.” Now THAT really got my thoughts flowing.
So, I settled in for my Ho’oponopono session and began: Water… I’m sorry. But this time, instead of feeling my life story, I felt the pain and anguish of all the polluted water in our world. The ‘dead zones’ in the ocean at the mouths of polluted rivers, the oil spills, the toxic runoffs, amongst other atrocities. My logical (or ego) brain kicked in here and asked why I think I should be able to feel any of this and bam! The answer was right there… I am 70% water and water shares its memories instantly. It makes more sense that I would be able to feel the suffering of all the water, then not be able to. Now that right there felt like an amazing insight so I pressed on. Water… I forgive you. And once again I whooshed along to another amazing insight. It wasn’t me, as in my ego, forgiving the water. It was the water as me forgiving all the turmoil that had been bestowed upon it. I felt like all the water of my body, along with all the water of Earth’s body was feeling the essence of forgiveness. Now how powerful is that! I was excited at this point to see what insight I would get at the next step in the process. Water… I love you. Now this is when the imagery part of my brain kicked in. I could actually ‘see’ all the molecules in my body shift into the harmonious hexagonal crystals of ‘love’, which Dr. Emoto has photographed (Look it up! It’s gorgeous!). But then it continued... All of the water of the world shifted to the beautiful ‘love’ crystals; including all of the Earth’s waters, all of the other humans on the planet (all 7 billion of them), all of the animals and plants… all of the water shifting to a place of love, one water molecule at a time. Now that’s quite the image! What insight could possibly be coming next with the final step in the process? Water… Thank you. Once again, I knew that this was not me thanking water, it was water as me being thankful. Thankful for the opportunity to exist, to know pain so that it could know healing. And again, all the waters of the world seemed to be vibrating into a state of gratitude. Quite powerful. When it was all said and done and I was back to my human state of thinking, I then found me thanking Water for this essential insight into the power that we all have.
Knowing what I know now about water and what words, thoughts, and music structurally do to water molecules, knowing that the majority of this world IS water, knowing that water has memories and ‘shares’ these with other water molecules, changes my entire outlook on life. This is where the brief tour into my current state of mind comes into play. For the first time, I actually feel connected to every other person and Earth in an entirely new way. We are all united, by our water molecule memories and resonance. This is an actual way for a conscious evolution to take place on Earth. Each person changing the molecular structure of their body, affecting the molecular structure of people around them, people affecting the molecular structure of the bodies of water on Earth… resonance healing in action, at a molecular and global level!
Dr. Emoto realized he could change the molecular structure of a glass of water by speaking the words “I love you” and “Thank you” to that water. Now imagine this: We all realize that by speaking the words, “I’m sorry. I forgive you. I love you. Thank you” to water ~water in our glass, water in our bodies, water in our oceans, and the water that makes up our fellow human beings… We can change the world.
I wonder if my teacher knew when she gave us our Ho’oponopono gift that it would be the gift that keeps on giving? See… now, I am giving this gift to you. Feel free to give it to others.

I love you.
Thank you.

Dr. Emoto's crystal of water labeled "I Love You".

Recommended Reading:
An excellent book if you’d like to continue learning more about Ho’oponopono is Zero Limits by Joe Vitale.
The Healing Power of Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto
The Message from Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto
What the Bleep Do We Know (Documentary)
Water: The Great Mystery (Documentary)