Friday, January 27, 2012

Plant Spirit Communication Experience

My intention here is to provide details of a personal experience in the hopes that others interested in the topic of Plant Spirit Communication will embrace this ancient method of Knowing and find confidence in their own experiences.

It was nighttime and my throat felt oddly hot and swollen.  I looked in the mirror and discovered I had a hot red rash starting on my throat and moving down onto my upper chest.  Spots on my throat had rasied welts, but it didn't look like hives.  Hmmm.....

My mind went back to a recent energy healing session I had done with a client.  During this session there was an intense energetic exchange, and I remembered they also mentioned having a skin condition.  Did I pick this up and physically manifest it in myself through their energy?  How interesting to be in a situation that was now going to force me to quickly learn how to clear this in myself.

I immediately put several drops of essential oil in a little bit of carrier oil and dabbed it onto the area.  The carrier oil felt a little heavy on my skin, but it was the fastest thing I had immediately available.

The next morning I woke up and it was worse.  I could visibly see the lines of my Stomach meridian outlined in the rash which now had traveled from my throat and upper chest down across my abdomen all the way to my upper legs.  The most concerning area was still at and just below my throat.  This is a Wind-Heat rash.

Start Self-Treatment:
1. Make a topical spritzer:  Witch Hazel, Herbal Hydrosol, 2 essential oils.  Very soothing - immediately lessened the heat (redness) and itching.

2. Drink a tea of Chinese herbs that release the exterior (open the pores) to assist the rash in venting.  I drank this every few hours throughout the day.

3. Diffuse essential oils in the air.  Because the rash was over my lung area, I wanted to breathe in essential oils deeply to assist on the inside, and to support my immune system.

Ask Plant Spirits for Help:
That night I was doing QiGong - a long, slow form called Hun Yuan Qigong.  I was in a deeply quiet and meditative state, feeling wonderful energy flowing througout my body.  In this state, I asked in my mind "Any Plant Spirits out there want to help me out?"

Almost immediately I saw (in my mind) a leaf appear from my left.  As I looked at it, my first thought was "Clover", and I 'heard' "Yes! Yes!"  Then the scene changed and I kept seeing green plants that had red in the middle.  The red color seemed to be important and I finally understood - "Oh, Red Clover?" and I 'heard' "Yes! Yes!"  Now I saw visions of beautiful patches of red clover surrounding a fallen tree.  As I admired this, the dirt around the base of the tree kept being shown to me.  Why is the dirt important?  It's dry, sandy, dusty.  And I understood it meant Clay.  (Yes!)  I have Sonne's #7 Liquid Clay - I need to drink it.  (Yes!)  After this understanding, it was as if the Red Clover and I energetically danced together.

I had never used Red Clover before so needed to research it before moving forward.  I found 2 books on Native American herbs that both stated it is used for skin rashes.  In European American herb use, it is used to cleanse the blood and has an affinity to the neck.  In Chinese herbology it is used to clear toxic heat from the blood.  All of this confirms the herb sounds like an excellent choice.  In addition, because the rash was along my stomach meridian, drinking the liquid clay would help to clear internal toxins from my digestive tract.

I immediately drank a large glass of water with clay and continued to spray my essential oil/hydrosol spritzer.  The next day I purchased Red Clover from our local supplement store and took a dose.  Taking it, I almost immediately felt cold energy moving in my Stomach and Spleen meridians in the lower legs.  It was thin, cold, and moved all the way up to my neck.  Within hours the rash was 75% improved.  Thank you my beautiful Plant Spirit friends!

Red Clover is now one of my honored friends and I will help her fulfill her destiny by using her to help many others.  I know that even though the rash was physical to me, it was more so my teacher.  For this I greatly appreciate it, and thank it for what I learned.

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