Tuesday, August 27, 2013

massage for TMJ

Start by finding TW (*triple warmer 23) next to the orbicularis oculi muscle on the lateral side and draw a line to the connecting part of the top of the ear. That is your first point.

SI 19 is the next point for treatment and it is easy to find if you find the center of the ear and move medially where your finger fits into a notch between the cheek and ear; if you open your mouth it will create a larger sinkhole there. Hold for thrirty seconds or so. 

TW 16 is the next point down and is distal to the ear where it connects to the skull. It should feel "electric" as Heather would say. AProx 2.5 CUN from SI 19.

The final point is SI 17 there should be a notch in the jawbone where your finger will fit perfectly. As you open your mouth and close it you will feel sensation. 

Now Heather will demonstrate the procedure!

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