Monday, June 7, 2010

Whats in a smell?

Smell is one of our most primitive senses. It has many functions from protecting us from danger to letting us know if something delicious is around to eat. What is most amazing though is how it is tied to memory and mental imagery. Have you even smelled something that brought back a memory of a specific time or place? Or smelled something that just gave you a certain feeling inside? This concept was the basis of this assignment: Clear ones mind and then take a few whiffs of Vetiver, an essential oil, and then write a short story about what you envisioned from the smell.

"I am a young child. Curious and free. Somewhere deep in a heavily wooded forest. It is very green and beautiful. The sun is shining down and it is warm. There is a small cottage that is very homely feeling and a wonderful garden filled with many different plants, herbs, flowers. There are paths that wind through the garden and everything is beautifully put together. Very earthy and natural feeling. There is someone home in the cottage. Smoke is coming from the chimney. Inside there is a little old woman cooking. She looks kind and grandmotherly. There is something brewing in a large pot over a fire. She smiles. Herbs and plants of all kinds are hanging, drying. A lot goes on here despite the peacefulness. The cottage it cozy and welcoming feeling. Back outside I lay in the grass. The air is fresh and there are birds singing in the garden."

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