Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What if the world knew what happened after death?

What would happen In a world where every one knew you exist after this life and the only thing you can bring with you is the love you have developed for people. In a world like this what would change?

Every one in this world would express love for every person they came in contact with; cultivating both spirits. People here would be much more sensitive to interactions amongst each other ensuring that you don't "leave a bad taste" with someone. In fact any negative or absent emotion would be a waist of time for both parties.

Society would be more then tolerant towards differences in people and cultures; differences would be loved for the growth you get from loving something new and different. Bigotry would be near impossible if every one were sure that any time you aren't loving you are not preparing yourself for the next life.

Greed would be such a difficult emotion with the firm knowledge of love being the only lasting thing in the world. If you had more then enough money (amongst other things) why not trade that temporary surplus to someone who temporarily needs it while simultaneously giving and receiving the one thing that you know you will keep and continually build on.

people would be open to loving all the time getting to know people faster for who they are in each moment.
Loving your self and others all the time gives you a sense of peace, happiness and tranquility if we all felt this toward each other imagine what we could accomplish. Any one can and should be loved regardless of there actions because though there actions may be horrible in our eyes they are working with there own constitutions and tools they were born with that you would not be able to comprehend. in light of this we can not judge people for what they have done; what would this accomplish in the first place? To say Hitler was a bad man who is OK to hate because of his actions would be assuming you know Hitler and judging him for mass killings only sets you up for damaging negative thoughts stuck in your own head. Saying Hitler did horrible actions that you personally would never see the sanity in brings you away from judging a person with out ignoring the actions. you may ask what is a person other then the sum of actions they take in life the answer is in the infinite possibility of choices and actions to be taken in the future of this life and the next.

it may be impossible to know what happens after this life (or in the next 30 seconds for that matter) but i know that it is possible to love others and yourself for the endless possibility's of good which we all posses. Even if at the end of this life its a black void or any other endless possibility, in the life i am currently in thinking this way can only make a better person. Although this may not be possible as a world scale idea in my life time I can defiantly utilize it in my daily life and hope my ideas will make sense to others who can grow from them.

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Amy said...

Aww Ben I love you. =) Awesome post, I concur