Friday, June 4, 2010

Vetiver Oil Story

In our class, we were asked to write a story after smelling the essential oil "Vetiver". We were told to just write whatever came to mind. After we had written our stories, we were told that this particular essential oil is an Earth element oil. This struck me because earth element has to do with relationships(like family),and cycles (like life and death), both of wich were included in my story. Here it goes:

There's a beautiful scenery with rolling hills and fields of lovely flowers. A woman sits on a blanket. She is young, beautiful, with soft features. Her children run and play, a little girl and boy. They pick a boquette of flowers for their mother- they sing songs and play tag. They have a yellow lab puppy they play fetch with. Laughter fills the air as they roll down the giant grassy hill. Their mother is laying on her stomach, relaxing while she reads and listens to her children play under the hot sun. She feels gratitude for her surroundings and her beautiful family. A wave of sadness comes over her as she thinks about her late husband, who died shortly after her second child was born. She knows that he is with her in spirit, watching over her and her young kids. They are at his very favorite place. There is a beautiful oak tree which they sit under, that has his and her initials in a heart, carved into the trunk.

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