Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stephen Harrod Buhner Article

"The body is a complicated symphonic system, much like nature itself..." Fantastic statement. I agree wholeheartedly! (Ignore obvious pun). This article is an eye opener that's for sure. Intangible touch is that feeling of wanting to reach out, reach through and experience bonds that overwhelm you, before your brain takes over. I love the idea of the dance. The moment when the soul essence inside us , and the soul essence from something outside us, met and mingled. Every day we walk through life and enter and exit the lives of others, seemingly separate and definitely unaffected. That's what I used to think anyway. Having some life experience under my belt and knowing better, I see each and every human interaction as a meeting of hearts and souls. Not that I always introduce myself well or that my heart is even open half the time, it's not. I am learning to close my eyes, feel the vibration and just sit with it for awhile. In time, I will learn to dance freely.

The other point that I enjoyed in this article was that of entrainment. Hearts oscillating, exchanging information, beating each to his own drum and altering heart function. That is when the dialogue begins. Without a word being said. Speaks volumes for this profession. The healer can literally oscillate health and well-being to a client, without any words being exchanged. And all of this comes naturally. Learning to sense my heart field, and eventually to guide and direct it, will deepen my relationship with the universe, thus enabling me to truly help another.

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