Friday, June 4, 2010

The Heart that boggles the mind

Our heart trully is an amazing yet complex organ. I never trully understood how much work our heart does to ensure that our blood gets pumped through our body on a daily basis. The physiology of the heart still amazes and befuddles my brain. When I read the article called "The Heart As An Organ of Perception" The heart turned into a whole new perspective for me. Everyday we come in contact with other peoples magnetic heart fields, yet we do not realize when this happens or we meet people and we tend to have a strong connection towards that person, almost a sense of feeling that you have known this person for you entire life. How is it possible for our hearts to send out a magnetic feild without our knowing? The western tradition is to live in your mind think with your mind anything beyond that will entail too much feeling. I think feelings truly scare people, so it becomes second nature to us to live in our heads. What if we started looking at life through the heart, and how much would that change our reality of life? I have to sign off for now but I have much more to add to this article.

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Kevin said...

What an interesting post! I knew that there was something about the heart that creates a magnetic field completely related to the brain. That is why children who suffer from the ADD disorder must be Treating add with somebody who the feel a connection with. The heart is the organ of perception with its physiology and it is very important for the child to have a connection with the therapist so that the session can be successful.