Sunday, February 10, 2013

Case Study

  • Male
  • 28 years old
  • Biologist
  • Very active
  • Eats  healthy 
I did 7 massages with my case study. He said that his chief complaint was pain under his right occipital bone that radiates down right side of neck and down into the traps. Client said that he hurt it while he was lifting rocks at his cabin in June 2012.

Our first massage was a general relaxation massage. During this massage I noticed that he could barely turn his neck to the right. The pain would shot all the way to his traps. By the end of the massage the client was able to move his neck and said his pain level had decreased.

I spent a lot of time working his neck and traps. Client likes deep work on his traps and along neck. After our first massage I started to design a treatment plan that consists of Range of Motion, yoga stretches, Cupping, Gua Sha and Acupressure points.

I believe that his pain is coming from his SCM and Inferior Oblique Capitis. I thought of these two muscles because of where the client showed me where his pain was. SCM muscle is often tight at the start of each massage but by the end it is lose and client says it stays that way for a few days.

Client responded very well to the Bladder meridian opening pattern [modified Tui Na massage]. Client said that every time we did the BL opener his pain was almost gone half way through the massage. 

The first few times I did Gua Sha on client  it showed up almost black which means the stagnation of the blood has been there for quite some time. Cupping brought up heat and odd marks every time but the last massage.

The first few sessions that we did stretching client couldn’t keep legs straight to do a forward bend. With daily stretching and ROM client is able to do a full forward bend.

On the last massage there was no discoloration or heat coming from clients’ back shu points. By the end of our case study client said that he no longer had any pain at the time of interview. Client also said that he will get regular massage to obtain the feeling of being pain free and will continue to stretch.

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