Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Betsy's Case Study


My client was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in September 1996 at the age of 35 and had no prior symptoms before this time.  She had to have a lumber puncture/spinal tap to rule out a brain tumor.  The puncture didn’t seal correctly and spinal fluid began to leak.  This situation put her in the hospital for a longer stay and when she left the hospital, she was no longer mobile and resided in a wheel chair for 3 months.  Through extensive therapy she was able to walk unassisted in the Spring of 1997 and in the Fall went back to work.

In 2001, she began receiving Acupuncture (5 Elements) and has had over 250 treatments to date. In 2004, she decided to stop all Western Medicine drugs and have had no further MRIs. Since that time, she feels that her health gotten better and the number of MS relapses have definitely decreased.  She now sees a general physician specializing in alternative medicine, a chiropractor, and receives massage once a month.

When my client heard that I was doing a case study,  she asked if she could be the person.  She was interested in receiving massage more often to see what may happen
with her health. 

Her Qi on left side normal, strong, easy flow.
Her Qi on right side heavy, right hip joint achy, right leg feels heavy.

Treatment Plan

Massage weekly

Essential Oil Blend with Spinal application 5 days/weekly: Base - Sweet Almond-Hemp Oil.  In addition to the base, 4 oils are mixed -  Neem, Spikenard, Cardamon, Peppermint and Frankincense
Focus - Qi flow from spine out to shoulders, down arms and legs.
  Qi flow from spine, down back to hips and down legs.

Implement Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Stomach, Gall Bladder and Bladder Meridian Patterns on the legs, focusing emphasis on Kidney and Stomach Meridians.

Effects of Massage

The first two weeks massage was given two times per week but it was to taxing on the client’s body because of the Multiple Sclerosis.  Client enjoyed have the massage twice a week for muscle tension and relaxation but weekly seemed to be better to keep the Qi in balance.

Client’s body responded well to the essential oil blend.   When the essential oil blend was first applied, she felt tingling down her spine.  The blend was applied regularly  over the next two months. Application wasn’t as regular the next few months due to her work/travel schedule.

When receiving massage weekly, the client mentioned that her core felt stronger, her chest area felt more open and in general, her health was better.  As the client was traveling out of state with her job often, she was only able to receive massage monthly.  At this time her right leg was noticeably more swollen and the Qi had difficultly moving.  The client is back to receiving massage once a week and her body is responding positively.    

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