Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heidi's case study

My client is 26 yrs old, 6’2 and is active and eats healthy. He has been a mechanic for 7 years. Client clams his job requires him to put his hands and body in to cramping positions. He clams of pain in both forearms, lower back, both shoulders (upper traps and rhomboid area), and that his hands will freeze up often, when this occurs he has to stop his work till he can move his hands again. which could take anywhere from 5-60 minutes.

The first massage was a relaxation massage with additional time spent on both arms, working the LI pain path. I noticed that his lung 9-10 acupoints were rock solid. The client states his hands didn’t freeze up for over a week. Used to happen 1-2x a week.

Second massage was similar with the back shu points added in. LU and HT shu points were tense and tender.

After this I formed a treatment for him involving guasha, bladder opening pattern [modified tui na massage], and working the LU and HT shu points and meridians down arms. Po Sum On is added to the treatment with success. 

As a result of the treatment the client’s hands have not frozen up on him, there is less pain in his forearm and he knows how to stretch them correctly. His energy level has increased and generally feels better. He is continuing massage weekly.

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