Sunday, October 16, 2011

Application of Massage Therapy Project

This project is to apply our learning's of massage therapy to help someone and demonstrate the benefits that massage can have on a persons life and health.  For my client I have provided 6 massages all at a length of 1.5 to 3 hours based on their desire at the time over the course of about 10 weeks.

Interview and chief complaint
I first had a interview/discussion with my client regarding their feelings day to day, general likes/dislikes, problems and possible complaints to address.  One of the main things I discovered is the client was very demanding of theirself day to day and because of that has a very high stress level.  Many of their mood changes were based upon work performance and completing tasks.  The client is going through many changes in life at the moment.  Based on this information and our discussion we determined the chief complaint to be stress.

Treatment options
I discussed some of the different massage protocols we have gone over in class and different techniques that may work to help relieve stress.  Over the clients lifetime they have only experienced 2 professional massages so we decided to stick to the general relaxation pattern and make modifications as necessary.  The client did suggest one of their favorite parts to massage was the head, neck and face massage so we decided to extend the time on that.

Over the 10 week time period we completed 6 massages all ranging from 1.5 hours to 3 hours.  For all the massages we decided to stick to the regular plan, here and there we made modifications when areas needed more attention.  The desire for a thorough head massage was present through all the massages.  The client requested 3 things most often and those are head massage, abdomen massage and work on the bladder meridian.  After we learned the bladder meridian pattern and I added it to one of the massages the client requested that pattern be in the future massages.  Most notably in the bladder meridian the client enjoyed the foot massage, working the bladder meridian in the foot massage almost instantly put the client to sleep each massage.

Over the course of the provided massages here are the most notable changes the client and I were able to identify:

    Reduced level of stress
    Improved quality of sleep
    Increased activity level
    Improved eating habits
    Improved flexibility
    Increase level of energy
    Reduced irritation from joint in foot
    Faster recovery of pulled muscles

All in all the project was enjoyable and it was great to discover the benefits of massage and help another experience a higher state of well being.

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