Friday, October 14, 2011

A students experience with the moxibustion belly bowl

I am a recent student of the Oriental healing arts center and this is a brief entry on my experience with the moxibustion belly bowl that we were given the opportunity to try in class.  Something to keep in mind when reading this is that I am a 25 year old male at about 195lbs and I have a fairly high level of energy prior to trying the belly bowl so my experience my differ from others depending on your own body.

The experience starts with assembling a belly bowl with a stick of moxa.  The belly bowl is a rubber cylinder with a metal frame that suspends the burning moxa stick above your skin where ever you decide to place it, mine was located directly above my belly button.  In class we set up massage tables to lie upon while trying this, we started by lighting the moxa stick and laying down on a table with the belly bowl in place.  From here I took deep full breaths and relaxed into the table.  

About half way through I started feeling sensations in my lower abdomen that would travel out to the rest of my body.  The feeling was almost an electricity or something similar to a double shot mocha, like my metabolism was being revved up.  By the end I felt almost a little sick but that quickly went away after leaving the class and getting into the rest of my day.  I noticed the rest of the day that my appetite had significantly increased and I had much more energy than normal.  I participate in alot of outdoor sports and I was amazed at how much I was able to endure in one day energy wise.  This increase in energy and metabolism lasted for about 3 days as far as I could tell.

After the first experience I decided I throughly enjoyed the belly bowl and did several other sessions before the end of school.  For someone with relatively low energy i strongly recommend trying this form of moxibustion, for those that already have a high level of energy I recommend that if you try this it may be a good idea to try this for half a moxa stick at first and possibly a full stick later after you experience a little first.

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