Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Radical Acceptance

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Ever have an insight that made you feel so inspired you wanted to dance and jump around?  This is one I had the other day, and my heart felt so incredibly peaceful as I was pondering it.  I'll share:

Insight 11-6-11 while reading “Narrative Medicine” by Lewis Mehl-Madrona - an excellent book that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Wow - the Spirit of “Disease” changes, transforms, and spiritually grows just like we do. We are yin and yang to each other, necessary partners in our spiritual evolution. When we humans truly heal from a “disease”, we become a better person – clearer, more passionate about life, more compassionate to others.

And when we heal, the “disease” also heals and transforms into something better. I don’t think it just goes away or dissolves. But if we kill it as if it’s the enemy have we temporarily thwarted its spiritual growth along with our own?

As true healing begins, we might realize “disease” as a teacher, offering us valuable life-changing lessons that we haven’t understood in any other way. And maybe this is also the beginning of unconditional love the spirit of the “disease” has never known – or longs to know – or needs to know. As we stop hating it and begin appreciating it for the many ways it is changing our lives for the better, maybe it is our love and acceptance that teaches the “disease” to be free of its bonds of hatred, negativity, and loathing, and it moves closer to becoming one with unconditional love and oneness, just like we also do. What if….. this is the way to “eradicate disease”?

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