Thursday, April 28, 2011

Use Your Essential Oils for Seasonal Allergies!

I’m seeing a lot of wonderful people walking around with some miserable symptoms as the incredible (and hopefully warm and sunny) Spring season emerges this year.
 I’m talking about:
  • Red, itchy, watery eyes
  • Stuffy head
  • Runny and congested nose
  • Sore throat
  • Sneezing, sneezing, and more sneezing!
If you have some basic essential oils or have access to buying some you can give yourself some much needed relief – very quickly and very efficiently.

Throat Spray:

NOTE: Because this method uses oils that go into your mouth, please make sure you are using 100% Organic Pure & Genuine oils only. If you are not sure of the quality, use topically instead by putting 1 drop each of the same oils below into a small amount of olive oil and rub it into your throat and chest area.

In a small bottle with a finger mister top, fill with filtered water and 1 tsp. of vegetable glycerin if you have it. If you don’t have it, just leave it out but keep the spray refrigerated – it won’t last as long. Add the following essential oils, shake well, and spray into the back of your throat while breathing in lightly. Ok to use up to 1x/hour as needed.

1 oz. bottle of water and vegetable glycerin
Cypress 3 drops
Lemon 3 drops
Tea Tree 3 drops
(optional: Stevia – herbal sweetener, 2-3 drops)

Eye Soother: (NOTE: NEVER put essential oils directly into your eyes!)

Would it feel better to you to put hot or cold on your eyes? Pour a bowl of water – either hot or cold depending on how you feel. Add 2 drops of Naiouli, 2 drops of Tea Tree, and 1-2 drops Lemon. Stir gently with your finger, then dip a washcloth into the water, wring it out, and lay it over your eyes. Softly press it onto and around your closed eyes. Ok to use up to 5x/day.

Breathe Easier:

If you have an essential oil diffuser – use it! If not, put one drop of Eucalyptus or Naiouli on the corner of a tissue, roll it up, and insert it into one of your nostrils. Leave in for 10 minutes, then do the other side if needed. Usually when you take it out you get a great rush of open fresh air that gives you the hope that you will get over these symptoms and have fun again. Ok to do this up to every 2 hours if needed.

If you still need extra help:

Make an appointment with a professional at the Oriental Healing Arts Center. We can do some great Tui Na bodywork to open your Bladder Meridian, strengthen your energy with some moxa to your lower legs, and possibly suggest a Chinese herbal formula to get you re-balanced and feeling great. 907-279-0135.

Learn tons of great information from my On-Line Essential Oils Course series. You can study here at our school in Alaska from anywhere in the world!

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