Monday, April 4, 2011

Healing My Dad's Leg Pain with Acupuncture

"My medical appointment today was, for me, a first: a first-time acupuncture treatment. Cynthia approved my choice of clinics here (where I live in the Lower 48) and had encouraged me to do it in hopes of relieving my leg pains. Not knowing what to expect, I had the idea that I would be instantly cured with the first thrust of the acupuncture needle. Not so -- but it helped a lot, and I'll have 3 more treatments next week.

The needle is a slender wire -- almost just a whisker -- about 3 inches long. I did not feel a thing when the acupuncturist placed any of the several needles in my back and legs. There was no blood. I was laying face down on the table with my legs resting on a pillow. He aimed a heat lamp on my back, told me to breathe deeply to improve blood flow to the area, and left me to 'cook' for about 1/2 hour. I was in considerable pain in my right leg at the start, and for quite a while nothing seemed to be happening. But as time wore on I began to have "spasms of relief." They lengthened and the pain dwindled until it was almost completely gone by the time he turned off the lamp and pulled out the needles. I still had quite a bit of pain turning onto my side and sitting up. He claims that this will be gone by the time he finishes my treatments.

I have noticed this evening that I feel better in my legs and hips (both of them). Going up and down stairs has felt much better than before and has let me go faster. I even notice a difference in sensation (better!) as I walk.

But if you decide to go for acupuncture, make sure to check with someone like (The Oriental Healing Arts Center) to get advice on how to choose a good one."

NOTE: This leg pain started out so bad my dad couldn't sleep at night, or barely get comfortable in any position. He went to his conventional doctor first and did not receive any treatment that helped. After about 8 acupuncture treatments his leg pain was completely gone and he experienced other seemingly unrelated benefits as well. This was almost 3 years ago and it has not returned. I knew it would help him!

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Andy said...

Sounds like Cynthia gives great advice! Andy Lapkoff