Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weight Balance Challenge - Special Meditation

How did the intro steps go? Did you find it easy or hard to love yourself exactly as you are right now?  Were you able to work out any issues in this that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

In changing our Mindset so that we really love and work with our bodies, we can actually tell our body what we need it to do and then expect that to start happening.  Ok, there is a little background info to understand here.

First, when we tell our body out of love what we need it to do, this has a completely different energy that demanding, begging, or talking down to.  “Body, I love you so much. We’re going to be working together to balance our weight differently than it is right now and I would adore your help with this. You have some incredibly important work to do on your end and I appreciate your grasp of the details. Thank you!”

It’s very interesting that when we speak out of love in this way, who are we that is saying this? It’s us, but we’re connecting to our Higher Self also, and there’s an energy of power associated here.  Whenever we completely feel love – gratitude – appreciation and we speak or act within this feeling, we are connected to our Higher Self.  The feeling it part here is very important.

Here’s an easy, fun meditation to work with over the next few days. Doing this right before bed can be really nice! But do it whenever you have a quiet moment.

  1. Bring your attention to your heart center and consciously breathe here, as if you are inhaling and exhaling from your heart center.
  2. At a certain point, your breath will naturally slow, and this signifies that physiological changes are starting to take place. Enjoy the slow softness of your breath.
  3. In the slow breathing, start to feel love for yourself.  Allow the feeling to grow until you feel your entire emotional state shift and expand.
  4. Consciously radiate this feeling of love coming out of you beyond your body, into the space that surrounds you.  Can you fill the area or room with it?
  5. When we do this, our brain waves literally change.  You may feel as if you are experiencing a slight altered state that is extremely light and clear.
  6. In this state say to yourself “Subconscious Mind, I direct you to begin right now doing what is necessary to change my weight.”  You can tweak this sentence to fit your own words as long as you speak directly to your subconscious mind and tell it exactly what to do – in a state of love.

Let me know how this goes – I’m excited for you to try it! And it’s so much fun to see what your subconscious mind knows you need and starts to do for you. 

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