Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weight Balance Challenge - Introduction

What this is:  We are going to blend a variety of real-life natural techniques found in Oriental medicine that work.  This is going to be done in steps that allow us to experience and integrate genuine changes into our daily routine that bring us into a more balanced state of being.  Through mindset, reaching a higher vibration, caring for and moving our body, and using gifts from the Earth like herbs and crystals, we are going to have FUN shifting into our natural weight and feeling absolutely wonderful about it.

What this is not:  This is not a New Year’s Resolution.  It is also not a diet.  It is not a quick gimmick to lose 5 or 10 lbs then gain it right back.  If you’re looking for an external source to change you, there are plenty available out there.

How to participate:
  Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting specific items and ideas to work with, so make sure you Like my Facebook page ( and watch for them.  I’ll also re-post everything here on our blog in case you missed it, or so you can come back to it anytime.

These will be actionable items that you’ll need to play with and actually do.   I like to make things flexible enough to allow them to fit your own unique preferences and ways, because all of this has to work from you and through you.  It’s you that is changing you – not me or anyone else doing something to you. You create your own beauty from within, and all of the upcoming activities will help that come out.

The first item to work with is Self-Love.  In order for all of this to work as fluently as possible, we need our bodies to feel incredibly loved – no matter what - and invite them to work with us. 

This may take some inner work, because often if we want to change our weight we don’t like how we are right now.  Really look at the self-talk you have going on inside about this.  What do you think about yourself and how your body looks?

If you already say “I love myself exactly as I am right now. I’m beautiful and perfect!” then keep doing more of that.

If you say anything at all like “I’m too fat. I’d look good if I lost 20 pounds. I look terrible.” Etc. etc., then become very aware of exactly what you are saying.  You’ll need to add a disclaimer at the end.  You can make up what works for you, but it needs to be something like:  “I’m too fat. But I totally love myself anyway.”  “I’d look good if I lost 20 pounds. But I completely love myself right now regardless of my abundant weight.”  “I look terrible. Well I love my terrible looking self so much it doesn’t matter what I look like!”

I think of our inner self-talk like talking to a child.  How does a child respond that is told he/she is too fat and looks terrible?  It’s not a good feeling.  Usually it’s a heavy, energetically damp feeling that weighs down morale and slows down the energy flow.  This can directly translate into a slower metabolism.

If we tell a child “You’re beautiful! You’re perfect! I love you so much!” and we mean it deeply and genuinely – now we’ve got some amazing energy to work with and we can be motivated and play and love what we create within.

So start today – right now - and look at your inner self-talk about your body and weight.  Wherever you think or say something negative, imagine you are talking to a beautiful innocent child and change it around.  Add a disclaimer, or apologize to your body, forgive yourself, and think/say a better thought filled with unconditional love.  This takes commitment and practice, so keep doing it until it’s so natural the love you feel for yourself becomes emotionally palpable.

I’d love to hear your comments and experience with this, especially if it will help someone else who can relate or is having a hard time.  Thanks! Have fun & be creative with this.

PS: Throughout the challenge if you feel like you need one-on-one personal assistance please call to make an appointment with myself or the other amazing practitioners at the Oriental Healing Arts Center.  Your success means a lot!

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