Friday, August 7, 2015

Spirit of the Point

August is the Spirit of the Heart Protector.  It’s the work of the Heart Protector to guard the Heart against assault or insult.  This month we will be offering a 1 or 2-point treatment Friday nights from 8-9 at Inner Space in the Community Room.

The points being needled this month are on the arm. The needles are inserted and gently stimulated and immediately removed. The points are like light switches to your heart.  You won’t want to miss it! Please call to reserve a spot.

Friday, August 7: Gate of Qi Reserve, Xi Men

Feeling like you’ve got nothing left to give?

Can’t remember the last time you had a good laugh?

Xi men is one of the strongest points to bring peace and serenity to a troubled heart, mind and soul.  It’s brings reinforcements to the struggle.  It brings warmth to the mind through the heart and helps to stabilize mood.  It’s a good point to use in acute illness, or in recovery from an illness that’s taken it’s toll.  It’s a reserve for people who’ve “had enough.”  It’ll make you smile again.

It helps to open the diaphragm so you can breathe more deeply again.  It’s good for people who bruise easily, physically and emotionally. If you’re feeling vulnerable around others.    

Friday, August 14: Inner & Outer Frontier Gates, Nei Guan/Wei Guan

Neiguan  is often translated as Inner Gate or Inner Border Gate.  It is also a Taoist expression - to examine oneself, a heartfelt search of one's inner world. When out of touch with what you want out of life, this point gives connection, take you inside.  It is a messenger of the Emperor (Heart) who resides in the interior.  Restores balance between body and mind.  A good point for "broken hearts", it let's you see you will not be torn in half.  

Weiguan  reflects the importance of harmony and opens the gate to allow access between our internal and external environment.  Has a big effect on the senses for those who don't want to see, hear or know.  Triple Energizer is the social ambassador to the Heart. The party hostess who ensures everyone at the party gets what they need.  She promotes harmony within the kingdom of the bodymindspirit. 

These points together help to keep the gates well-oiled so there is balance  between  the internal and external world and healthy boundaries between the two. 

Friday, August 21: Heavenly Well, Tianjing

Drawing from this well is like feeding someone in the desert. A deep reserve for strengthening mind and spirit. It gives stability of mind, strength, peace and serenity. A supply of heavenly Qi. Come with us this Friday, reconnect with the Divine and drink deeply from the well of joy.

I'd like to add that this point is particularly poignant for those whose relationship with their father was/is disrupted

Years ago when I was diagnosed with a potentially life threatening squawk, I happened upon a sage in the mountains of Virginia.  This sage whispered to me "often in this life a being of great wisdom and strength comes into a life to lend support when you can't cope on your own.  He or she will walk beside you, taking your arm gently enough so as not to force you in a direction, and firm enough to support you in the direction you have chosen."  I envisioned that being taking hold of my elbow to keep me from falling should I stumble along the way.  I think of that image when I think of this point.  A heavenly helping hand that doesn't try to lead me, but rather walks beside me supporting my progress.


Lamar Gunter said...

Nice turnout for our first Spirit of the Point Happy Hour!Lots of giggles and a strong recommendation to see the movie, Babe. Baa Ram Ewe!! Next Friday's selection is a Double Header: Inner and Outer Frontier Gates. Stay tuned for more information


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