Friday, August 7, 2015

Spirit of the Heart Protector: Pericardium

August is the Spirit of the Heart Protector.  It’s the work of the Heart Protector to guard the Heart against assault or insult.  This month we will be offering a 1 or 2-point treatment Friday nights from 8-9 at Inner Space in the Community Room.
The points being needled this month are on the arm. The needles are inserted and gently stimulated and immediately removed. The points are like light switches to your heart.  You won’t want to miss it! Please call to reserve a spot.

Friday, August 7: Gate of Qi Reserve, Xi Men

Feeling like you’ve got nothing left to give?
Can’t remember the last time you had a good laugh?
Xi men is one of the strongest points to bring peace and serenity to a troubled heart, mind and soul.  It’s brings reinforcements to the struggle.  It brings warmth to the mind through the heart and helps to stabilize mood.  It’s a good point to use in acute illness, or in recovery from an illness that’s taken it’s toll.  It’s a reserve for people who’ve “had enough.”  It’ll make you smile again.

It helps to open the diaphragm so you can breathe more deeply again.  It’s good for people who bruise easily, physically and emotionally. If you’re feeling vulnerable around others.    

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