Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cooking With Essential Oils

Today was the 5th of 12 workshops in our Essential Oil Certification Course.  The topic was "Ingesting Essential Oils Safely".  Since cooking with essential oils is a fun way to use them, we tried some delicious food!

IMPORTANT: If you do this, make sure your essential oils are organic ingestable quality.  Look for "pure & genuine" or "100% pure".  If you're not sure, better to play it safe and not ingest them.

Pictured below is a fresh veggie platter with a choice of:

  • Fresh salsa with Lemon & Lime essential oils
  • Creamy dipping sauce made from sour cream, plain yogurt, and poblano peppers, with essential oils of Dill, Black Pepper and Lemon.

One woman said she adds a drop of Ginger essential oil to coconut cooking oil and bastes fresh salmon in this to cook - sounds scrumptious!

Here's one of my favorite easy recipes:

Amazing Edible Oil
In a 4 oz glass bottle or a small 4 oz glass jar, combine the following:

Essential oils of:

  • Dill - 6 drops
  • Lemon - 4 drops
  • Black Pepper - 3 drops
  • Oregano - 1 drop
Shake well and store in a cool, dark area.  Use like flax seed oil - pour about 1 spoonful over veggies or stir into a bowl of soup or stew.  Don't cook with it, just use it on your food.

Variations:  I play around and use a variety of base oils - sometimes flax or pumpkin, and I also change the essential oils.  Just use 10-14 drops total of essential oils in a 4oz size of base oil.  Some other essential oils I like are cumin, marjoram, coriander, lemon & lime combo .

Other ideas:

Add 1 drop each Nutmeg and Clove Bud to fresh whipped cream.

Add 1 drop of Black Pepper to stir fried veggies over rice. (add at the end after it's off the heat, and toss to stir it in)

Add 1 drop each lemon, dill and tarragon to an oil & vinegar salad dressing

For some really delicious ideas I love the book "Weigh Less Eat Like Royalty" by Menkit Prince (formerly titled The Essential Oil Cookbook).

Do you cook with essential  oils?
 Please comment and post your favorite ideas to share with others - thanks!!

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Cynthia McMullen said...

I ended up with 3 meals from the veggie plate & cream sauce:
1) raw veggie plate w/ dipping sauce
2) sauteed veggies w/ soy sauce over rice, dipping sauce on top
3) rest of veggies cooked in a soup pot, pureed with a dash of cream, then a spoonful of cream sauce when serving.
All 3 very different & delicious!

Ronald John Neal said...

I would like to try your recipe presented in this blog. Thanks for sharing.

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