Saturday, February 25, 2012

The New Middle Aged Woman

Are you at a place of personal Change?

Are you looking for a new focus in your life?

Have you always wanted to work for yourself and have your own business?

If you answered yes to these questions but don’t know what to do next we have some important new information that will guide you through the next stages of your life.

My name is Anna and I am a woman baby boomer. I want to share my personal story with you and hopefully inspire you to transform your future. I have made a successful journey from a structured working world to another much more alternative in nature.

Click Here.... To read Anna's inspiring story and find information about the Women's Warrior Business Class.

6 Powerful Weeks
Aug 1 - Sept 5, 2012
with Master Shifu, Tao Shih Pei Wo Lun
Spiritual Mystic, Quintissential Visionary for Todays Contemporary Woman

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