Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Please Help My Scraggly Bird!

Chicken Boo
My sister has 2 cockatiels.  Over the past 18 months, Chicken Boo had become itchy and was losing patches of feathers.  She went to several local vets who prescribed topical sprays, vitamin supplements, and made dietary suggestions.  None of this helped and Chicken Boo continued to get worse.  She was looking pretty scraggly and wasn't her normal vocal self.

This is often the point when my friends and family will ask, "Cynthia - can you help me?"  If you're human, of course I can help you!  If you're a bird, hmmmm......  I'll see what I can do.

I look at the poor scraggly bird, close my eyes, and breathe.  Meditation is so wonderful at clearing the mind and opening the door to Nothing, where the answers to Everything lie.

When finding the answer in the realm of Nothing, if I think it, that's not it.  I have to feel it.  First I feel it in my heart, then it hits my mind and I know it's right when I understand the feeling - not the logical details.  I want to mention that whenever I do this, I always research the logical details before moving forward.

So I felt in my heart "Sea Buckthorn Berry", a new essential oil I've recently been playing around with.  It's ingestible and packed with a huge number of vitamins, minerals, and other great things.  Looking at a picture, it's a beautiful orange berry - it makes me feel happy!  Yes!  This is what I want to use.  The essential oil I have is small organic farmed, pure & genuine, therapeutic quality.

I made up a very mild dosage: 
  1 oz. dropper bottle of filtered water
  several drops of vegetable glycerin as a preservative
  1 drop of Sea Buckthorn Berry essential oil
   Shake it 100 times

I had my sister add 1 drop of this highly diluted blend to the birds water each day, 6 days a week with 1 day off.  I figured it couldn't make the bird any worse than it already was.

Chicken Boo started to improve immediately.  Within 2 weeks she has full, lush feathers again, and is happily singing and hopping around all over the place!  She looks great.

I'll make sure she's stable, then we'll gradually decrease the dosage to find a good minimal maintenance dose.

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