Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Essential Oil Certification Course - Need Your Input!

As many of you know I have been working hard on putting together an Essential Oil Certification Course for our school. In the initial planning stage, I am asking for your feedback – input – ideas, from a student point of view, as to what is really important for you to get out of a course like this. I would also love your ideas for naming the course!

My main goal is to provide solid (and fun!) information in a well-organized manner, and make sure that students don't just read a book - they have to really use the oils and play with the information.  I want someone to be knowledgeable, confident, and effective when they complete the course.  This is what I want, but I want to know what YOU want also.

Here’s my general draft outline and course setup:

Length of course: 1 year (or 12 parts that must be completed within a 24-month period max)

Textbooks/required reading: To be determined, but will definantly include information by Kathryn Sharp and Kurt Schnaubelt

Class meets one day each month for 3-4 hours. Each class will be videotaped so that distance learning is an option.

In class, we will discuss the topic for that month, be given a reading assignment for the next month, and go over hands-on techniques.

For each month/topic, students will be responsible for:

  • completing the reading assignment
  • providing a written outline to demonstrate satisfactory understanding of the material
  • purchasing assigned essential oils (approximately 4 per month) – there is no specific brand required. Students may use essential oils of their choice provided that they are of adequate quality.
  • completing and documenting case study assignments using the essential oils
 12 Monthly Topics, with applications to adults and children:

1. Introduction, history, methods of extraction, general safety guidelines, connecting with the spirit of the plant

2. How to research each essential oil, variations of plant species, importance of where an oil is grown, basic chemistry – what it means and how to apply this information to acquire desired results

3. Topical methods of application, carrier oils

4. Diffusion methods

5. Internal/oral methods

6. Suppositories, dental care, using essential oils with pets

7. Making blends

8. Flower essences (I really want to include a section on this because so many people have asked for it.)

9. Hydrosols

10. Making beauty products

11. Boosting the immune system

12. Treating colds and flu

I am also looking at doing a future Advanced Certification specifically in Chinese Medical Aromatherapy, which will be much shorter in length, and will have the minimum pre-requisites of the following courses currently taught at our school. Basically, someone will need to have an understanding of Oriental medicine and herbs in order to understand and use the information in the Advanced Course:

  • Essential Oil Certification (above)
  • Theory of Oriental Medicine
  • Meridians & Points
  • Taoist Herbology
  • Preferably, but not required: Acupressure & Meridian Massage Lab and/or Medical QiGong Practitioner

    UPDATE: The super popular Essential Oil Certification Class is now available On-Line. The Chinese Medical Aromatherapy classes are being taught live at Alaska Institute of Oriental Medicine and will be available on-line in the future.


LauraBeth said...

Hi - I am really interested in taking these courses. Do you know when in 2012 they would start? And what the approximate cost would be? I work Mon-Fri 9-6 with lots of overtime, so evening or weekend courses would be really beneficial. I also like that there is the option to watch the session videotaped if someone can't make a session. I have been using and reading about essential oils on my own, but have wanted to do something more structured like a certificate program. I really like your outline and topics you plan to cover. Looking forward to hearing more about this. Thanks!

Cynthia McMullen said...

Hi LauraBeth - I'm hoping to start in January 2012, hopefully on a weekend evening. If you call our school at 907-279-0135 I can make sure you're on the list to receive information. Thanks for the interest! ~Cynthia