Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Acupuncture & Massage for Anxiety

Acupuncture is amazing for anxiety. Combined with massage, we have students who start school with anxiety, and graduate calm and strong. Here's a link to some easy to understand info about how it works, and the experience of one of our students:


Our Student's Reply: I was one of those students and I can't express strongly enough how much this school changed my life. I started the program diagnosed PTSD, GAD, and Panic disorder and was on a miriad of anxiety medications that did nothing to fix the problem, they just covered it up like a bandaid. This wonderful place of healing gave me a safe environment to rip those bandaids off and I finished the program medication free (talk to your doctor, never just stop taking medications without first doing so, for it can be harmful). I feel better now than I ever have before and I wasn't aware that was even a possibility for me! All I want is for others to experience the miraculous healing that I found here and discover the beauty of life outside of dibilitating anxiety. It worked for me, and it can work for you!! It's not just a school, for me it was an awakening. I am just so happy I made that first step and enrolled, regardless of the anxious fear trying to stop me- I found peace here. ~H.P.12/11/15

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