Friday, December 20, 2013

Essential Oils for the Heart Center (Fire Element)

Flowers are the Heart (Fire Element) of the plant. We can change the vibration of our Heart Center energy by applying a diluted Flower essential oil to acupoints such as:

Pericardium - 6 (Nei Guan)
Pericardium - 8 (Lao Gong)
Conception Vessel / Ren - 17 (Shan Zhong)
Conception Vessel / Ren - 6 (Qi Hai)
Stomach - 41 (Jie Xi)

Personally, I would make a small bottle with 12 drops essential oil to 1 oz carrier oil, apply it to all of these acupoints & do Tai Chi so I could feel the flow of the energy.

2 of my favorites right now:

Ginger Lily, Wild CO2 extraction: elegantly sweet with a sense of purity and innocence. Slightly more yin.

White Champa Leaf: vibrant, passionate, sweet with a sense of mystery. Slightly more yang.

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Jason Knight said...

There are a lot of interesting techniques that the Asians has come up with over the century's. I want to try some of them out because they sound relaxing. I just want to see if any of them work out for me to help me relax.