Friday, June 14, 2013

Accupressure Massage for Digestion

By S. Phillips

As many of you already know Massage can help to get things moving. Sometimes, because of the diet we choose its appropriate to have some assistance in the 'moving' process. Irregularity can make you uncomfortable, and grumpy but chronic constipation can lead to painful hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, and certain kinds of cancer.

Before you reach for a laxative you should know that they can be dangerous. Laxatives can make your muscles develop a memory and your body will start to depend on these in order for you to relieve your call of nature. Overuse can cause cramping, diarrhea, and dehydration; the magnesium in laxatives can cause even worse problems like difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat and even coma!
Now we are on the same page so lets get to the actual massage for clients with this problem.

This massage focusses on toning up LI and Si as well as the ST- this is very quick and easy and can relieve gas and constipation!
We are going to focus on the Ileocecal valve which is located between parts of the intestine and is under stress often due to overstimulation from our diet. Its located BETWEEN TOP OF THE HIPBONE AND THE BELLY BUTTON. Put your hand on the top of the shoulder (by collarbone ) at the same time and press simultaneously. Use round circles with a good pressure this will make the pressure on the abdomen less intense and help relax the Ileocecal valve! :) This should relieve digestive distress! The above protocol is courtesy of Dr. Tumberelllo.

*if  you are stubborn and insist on a laxative try this natural one: a folk remedy calls for 3 tbs of raw honey into warm h2o and drink!!! (The folk remedy encyclopedia)

That is just a warm up for the acupressure we are preparing to do...


~Start with ST25 press 8x
(2 cun from navel... press both sides at the same time. This is good for IBS, constipation and diarrhea and all other bowel problems)
~SP15 press 8x ( 2 more cun from ST25 or 4 cun from navel. good for constipation.)
~ST36 (find the kneecrease go three cun down from tibia and beneath tibeal bone can feel the ridge just beneath it you can go one cun lateral. this increases vitality and rejuvenates.)
~ST44 between 2nd and 3rd toe/ helps downward movement of food helps digestion and eases constipation.

8x on all points! GO over three times!

acupressure protocol courtesy

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