Sunday, March 11, 2012

Empower Yourself to Heal with Instant Tai Chi

Protective Energy
Tai Chi Chuan, an Internal Chinese Martial Art, is practiced for the protective energy it provides. Not only does it teach self defense, it makes the immune system stronger and more protective, creating a positive effect on our health.

Natural Spirituality Beyond Dogma
Translated as "supreme ultimate fist", a personal practice of tai chi chuan provides many benefits for the practitioner. These benefits can be physical, emotional, and spiritual.

In the realm of spirituality, tai chi offers the benefits of a natural type of spirituality that goes beyond any sort of dogma or religion. If you feel your life and health are already well, tai chi is a life-enhancing practice. It will make you better and stronger at whatever it is you do.

Tai Chi Heals Diseases
Also, research has shown tai chi chuan to:

- Cure high blood pressure
- Heal type II diabetes
- Ward off dementia
- Improve and prevent osteoporosis
- Decrease cardiovascular incidence
- Improve brain function
- Enhance quality of life with almost any illness

Whether you are a physically fit athlete or a person with health challenges, tai chi has something to offer you.

Tai Chi Energy Travels Through the Body
Instant Tai Chi offers the very essence of tai chi in a two hour workshop presented by one of the best instructors in the world.

The essence of tai chi can be described using the energy of the body. How this energy travels through the body is a parallel to how a person lives their life. It travels two ways: 8 distinct movement patterns and spontaneously.

How it travels is determined by the dynamic quality and the abundance of the energy.

Instant Tai Chi
This workshop will focus on these two concepts of tai chi: the pattern of energetic movement and how to move the energy dynamically and abundantly.

If you want to heal, if you want to be stronger and better, if you want a dynamic life, if you want abundance...this workshop is for YOU!

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Well, it's truly good to know about Tai Chi Chuan. I have really heard about this Chinese martial arts. As I have found the extreme and powerful benefits of that one. It's really looking knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing.

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