Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where's the Mind-Spirit Part??

I've noticed something disturbing lately. It's been going on for a very long time, but it just came strongly into my conscious awareness recently. So I'm going to vent about if for a moment.

There's a stereotype, if you will, in the natural health community, about Western Medicine that all you do is take a pill to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms you are experiencing. The stereotype usually continues that 'how is this healing if you aren't getting to the root cause of the symptoms'?

I have been listening to and watching discussions about natural or alternative methods of healing. The disturbing part is, that all too often I see someone describe their physical symptoms and some other natural minded person advises an herb or a vitamin or avoiding a variety of foods to (cure) or take the symptoms away.

How is this any different from the stereotype of what Western medicine is doing? It's the same thing, but with a "natural" pill.

I would love to start hearing and seeing more discussions that include the emotional aspects involved, attitudes that are stuck, reasons the person's life isn't happy.

The physical symptoms are only 1/3 of the mind-body-spirit connection! Let's get to the attitude mindsets that need to be changed and how to do that. Let's explore REAL lifestyle adjustments and how they can be made. What challenges are involved in these changes and how does someone overcome and work through them to achieve success, and how does this correlate to the relief of their physical symptoms?

Let's hungrily acknowledge the mind-spirit part of the equation. Once this is addressed we might start getting somewhere. An herb or a vitamin or not eating white sugar is not all the answer.

Thank you for listening.

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