Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New National Emergency: Fear of Flu Weakens Americans!

What has been happening to us lately – us being Americans – has finally reached a point of ridiculousness! Today our local newspaper provided a beautiful color pamphlet insert called “Flu Guide” (Fight the Flu – It Starts With You), published by our city government.

This pamphlet contains a well organized chart of symptoms and actions to take when you have them, a list of helpful supplies to have on hand (7 out of 19 listed are medications), flu facts, phone numbers for various health centers, and a fold out of 5 major ways to fight the flu:

#1: Get the H1N1 vaccine
#2: Cover your coughs or sneezes
#3: Wash your hands
#4: Don’t touch your face
#5: Stay home if you are sick

NOWHERE in this information, or anywhere else that supplies public information, are we being given direct and reinforced directions on how to boost our own immune systems and prevent or lessen the impact of the flu. It’s like there’s nothing proactive we can do – we’re going to get it - OH NO – so we better get vaccinated because it’s the only thing that’s going to save us.

PLEASE! I don’t care if you get the vaccine or not. Get it if it makes you feel better, but don’t think it’s the only choice you have!

If the government can tell the herd of sheep that the best way to protect yourself from the flu is a vaccine and we believe it, then we deserve to be sheep.

What would happen if our caring government actually gave some empowering advice such as “The Top 5 Ways to Pump Up Your Immune System and Avoid the Flu” and strongly promoted it along with the vaccine information? For example:

#1: Decrease your stress levels however possible, since stress greatly harms your immune system: Get a massage, meditate, practice yoga or tai chi, do something kind, forgive someone.

#2: Get enough rest: Its flu season so you need to take extra good care of yourself. Try to go to bed at least one hour earlier for the next 2 months. Take a quick nap whenever you can.

#3: Watch your nutrition: Remember during cold & flu season to cut down on the junk and increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

#4: Vitamin Supplements: This is a great season to supplement your Vitamin D (Cod liver oil is a great choice) and take an extra Vitamin C. Remember that Vitamin D needs fat in order to be used, so don’t rely on low fat milk as your only source.

#5: Take time to feel happy: Laughing heartily and taking a few minutes each day to feel happy about something is a very powerful and fun way to boost your immune system.

What’s the worst that could happen if we heard this message over and over and over again – on the TV news, on the radio, in the newspaper? We might become strong and healthy?

To your health,

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